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Crystal Ball | Surprise Bath Bomb & Bubble Bar

Crystal Ball | Surprise Bath Bomb & Bubble Bar

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Indulge in the mystical allure of our Crystal Ball Bath Bomb and Bubble Bar duo.

The Crystal Ball Bath Bomb creates a captivating bath experience with its enchanting fragrance of myrrh and tonka. As it fizzes away, releasing its aromatic magic, the Bubble Bar at the base adds frothy luxury to your soak. Together, they conjure a truly enchanting and relaxing bath that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and transported to a world of soothing serenity.

Inside each bath bomb contains a Surprise Figurine! – collect all the designs for a cute spooky surprise! 


Warm, earthy and smokey scent from Myrrh blended with creamy fragrance of vanilla, with hints of caramel and almond


  • Fill your bathtub with warm water
  • Push away bubbles (if you are using a BUBBLE BAR) to form an opening
  • GENTLY lower the bath bomb directly into the bathwater & wait for the magical burst of colors!

Sodium Bicarbonate / Citric Acid / Organic Coconut Oil / Coconut Milk / Phthalate Free Fragrance oil / Skin safe cosmetic mica / FD&C Water Soluble Colors/ Polysorbate 80/ Corn Starch/ SLSA/ Biodegradable Glitter.


  • External use only.
  • Adult supervision recommended.
  • Lightly rinse tub after use.
  • Handling bath bombs while they dissolve may result in your fingers being temporarily stained.
  • After your bath, please be careful getting out of the tub as the butters and oils tend to make the tub a little slippery.

WEIGHT : APPROX. 380g each.

**Please note that our Bath bombs are hand molded so actual weight may vary slightly.**

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