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Summer Room & Linen Spray

Summer Room & Linen Spray

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Summer Scents

Transform your space into a fragrant paradise with our delightful new Summer Room Sprays!

For a blissful escape, look no further than Aqua Mist, our spa fragrance that captures the essence of serenity. With just a spritz, you'll feel like you're floating in a tranquil oasis, surrounded by calming and refreshing aromas. It's like bringing a spa retreat right into your own home!

Fragrance Notes : Fresh + Floral

Indulge in the enchanting blend of Paradise Potion, where juicy pear and agave take center stage, gracefully mingling with soft floral and marine notes. This captivating concoction is then cocooned in a powdery embrace of dark musk and amber, creating a scent that's truly magical. It's like diving into a potion of pure paradise!

Fragrance Notes : Floral + Fruity

Let the scent of Summer Orchard whisk you away on a tantalizing journey, where the crispness of granny smith apples, the sweetness of honeydew melon, the juiciness of strawberries and pears, all dance together with a sprinkle of spice. It's like a fruity fiesta in a bottle!

Fragrance Notes : Fruity + Earthy

With a simple spritz, fill your space with joy, excitement, and an irresistible ambiance! Our Summer Room Sprays are here to sprinkle your world with scent-sational delight.


How to Use:

  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  • Hold the bottle upright and spray a few times into the center of the room/ pillows/ curtains/ bedding.
  • Enjoy the refreshing scent and repeat as needed.
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